May 9, 2019

My new website is now live!

After 7 years I have a new website designed and powered by Equation Music!

Equation Music Blog Post

Having had a good looking but aging website while technology moves faster than ever led to me getting a new website. Today we launch the product of hard work, in a new form, made and powered by Equation Music.

After having worked successfully with Equation Music on my project with Jorn Viggo Lofstad, Northward, I was happy to continue our teamwork into my own domain.

Equation Music on the website:

With the amazing career and rich history that Floor Jansen has, we designed the website to be focused around herself and her acts.We are happy with how the website looks. However, our work doesn't stop here. Features will be added and we look to have it evolve and grow over time.

To learn more about how the website was built you can read this blog post by Equation Music about the creation of my website.

Groeten, vänliga hälsningar, lämpimin terveisin and all the best,