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I am proud and happy to announce that I will join the Dutch TV show ‘The Best Singers’.

This show is all about music and singing and despite the name, has nothing to do with whom is best. 7 Singers participate and we will sing each others music but in our own style. I think it is great they asked me, as a metal-head, to be a part of this. As you might know about me, I think it is a pity that mainstream media in The Netherlands has avoided ‘our music’ for years and years.

The ‘stigma’ metal makes that many great songs will never be heard by a larger audience. As an ambassador of good music I think that everyone should have excess to more diverse music, and then it is up to the listeners to decide whether they like it or not. This choice is not offered nowadays. Us metal-heads know well what ‘they’ miss out on and because of this TV show I get a chance to share good music.

I will also get challenged to dive into the genres and styles of the other singers, as they will be when they sing my music. I have always enjoyed diversity and I get a great opportunity to show this.

The TV show will be recorded on Ibiza this coming week and broadcasted on Dutch TV in August.

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“We cannot better the world with one special day, but we can leave the planet in a better shape than we found it."

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