January 14, 2022

Floor Jansen launches FloorWorld, her official fanclub!

After months of hard work in the background Floor Jansen announces the launch of “FloorWorld”, her official fanclub and community site!

Become a member

After months of hard work, Floor Jansen announces the launch of “FloorWorld”, her official fanclub and community site! FloorWorld is free for everyone, with the option to become a paying member to receive exclusive perks. Additionally, a tree will be planted yearly by #TeamTrees for every paying member. 

Why FloorWorld?

Last year Floor started the possibility to subscribe to her YouTube channel to receive exclusive perks and support her and her creations. However, after a long year, Floor and her team realized that there are some shortcomings. One of which, and possibly the most important one, was the fact that it was not easy to engage with the members and basically impossible for them to connect with each other beyond the comment section. We couldn’t find any existing platform that could provide us all we wanted, not even YouTube, and so my team and I decided to create our own; hence FloorWorld! We now have more control and more possibilities to expand! You can even check it out without being signed up!

What is FloorWorld?

FloorWorld allows all of you to create content and to engage with your fellow fans and Floor, about anything! Join the Floor Jansen channels and share your favorite photos, get up to date with the latest news, or talk about Nightwish and After Forever! In fact, you can look at it as a modern forum with social media capabilities, or a Facebook Group on steroids. So, what exactly can you do as a free member?

  • Access to the following space groups to stay up with everything you like:
  • General
  • Floor Jansen
  • Fan Spaces
  • Ability to post and comment all content that is for free
  • Ability to private messages other members

You can install the Circle app on iOS to have access to the community through your phone. Android is in development!

What happens when I become a paying member?

You will automatically get access to all exclusive content released in the past and future as long as you remain a member. You can get a monthly subscription. 

Exclusive content includes the following:

  • Tree planted for #TeamTrees for every year of your subscription
  • Access to quarterly live streams with Floor
  • Exclusive videos and photos from her tour
  • Tour Diaries in the form of text/photos/videos
  • Extra audio files (Karaoke, Instrumentals)
  • High Quality download of Live in Amsterdam (when available)
  • A member only area to post and connect with fellow members
  • Your (user)name will be in the credits of Storytime videos
  • Be the first to access new merch

With your potential support as a member Floor and her team will be able to create more content at a higher quality for you. 

The monthly subscription fee is $12.

What happens to the YouTube Members & Memberships?

The Membership level “Floorfunder” will no longer be available and all current members will lose that level of membership. FloorWorld in fact replaces this. All existing Floorfunders will receive a coupon for extra discount for the support and loyalty.The “Floormojis” membership level will remain. This will allow any of you to stand out a little more on my YouTube channel with exclusive emojis, a tag and more visibility. 

You can join FloorWorld right here!