February 4, 2020

First promo picture of new Nightwish album!

I am so proud of our new promo pictures!

I am so proud of our new promo pictures! And the locations we had! Did you know we did two shoots in two days, on two different locations and with two different photographers?

My outfit is again made by the amazing Royal Black Couture & Corsetry! I asked her to make me an outfit for this shoot and the upcoming tour in a metal meets steampunk style ‘alla’ me. She got inspired by just my mail with ideas and some pictures I sent and came back with amazing designs!

For each location an outfit and a different look! One more romantic as you can see at the museum. Real new hairstyle to and matching make up. This I thought out with Marja Brink (https://www.marilyn.fi/ not the singer haha). It was such a great thing to see come together! And then in the old house in London I wore my more heavy outfit with again matching hair and make-up. It takes careful planning, thinking and dreaming and then there I was, in London!

I am grateful for all the creative talent, also of both the photographers Tim Tronckoe photography and Tina.K Design & Photography
I saw a lot our photos has reached the internet already. Which one is your favorite? And do you hear any music already while looking at the pictures?

Karaja Finland
IdHAIR hiusmallit