August 24, 2019

Beste Zangers PREMIERE!

The first episode of "Beste Zanger" dedicated to Henk Poort has aired! Check out Floor's performance!

Watch The Song

The first episode of the Dutch tv show ‘Beste Zangers’ aired today! Every episode is about one of the singers and tonight’s one is about the amazing and versatile Henk Poort. It was an honor for me to sing for him!!! I know him from the days he was the phantom in The Phantom Of The Opera and His voice and that show had a big impact on me!

For those who don’t know the concept of the show: it’s not a contest and it’s not about who is the best of the singers. We sing each other’s songs and enjoy making music together. This joy we shall share with you! I hope you will enjoy, I did!

You can also see Henk Poort on his theater tour!! Check

Watch the performance here: